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Project 4 – Acute dune erosion – 2D Mike 21 IG model

A deeper understanding of the parameters and processes that govern the acute erosion on the West Coast is desired. A varied coastal shelter has been observed due to acute erosion on parts of the West Coast, which is explained by the use of coastal state indicators (CSI) and numerical modeling in 2D with the DHI development model MIKE 21 IG.

The Danish Coastal Authority has made 2 reports under the COADAPT project, both aimed at investigating acute erosion on the West Coast. A full explanation for the acute erosion was not found, but a correlation between storm return period and dune erosion distances was found. This was further investigated in the 1D model Xbeach, which showed overestimated erosion rates explained by a lack of simulation of longitudinal transport in the model.

This project will be on in 2016-2018

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