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Project 2 - Analyses of Beach Nourishment


Experience with beach nourishment in Denmark must be collected at e.g.  re-analysing the extensive beach nourishment trial at Hald beach in the period 1984-85.

Two sand nourishments have been performed at Løkken and Nørlev. In both cases, the beach is measured by the Danish Coastal Authority. The measurements are analysed to quantify the effect of sand nourishment.

In Ystad, Sweden, the first beach nourishment has been carried out in Sweden and measurements of coastal development have been made. These surveys are analyzed to evaluate the effect of beach nourishment.

At Thyborøn in Denmark the beach nourishment between the groynes 33-44 is measured. The effect of the nourishment will be analyzed in the project.

This project will be on in the period 2016-2019.

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