The tasks of The Danish Coastal Authority


The Danish Coastal Authority

  • carries out a number of regulatory tasks for The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food, including the administration of legislation concerning the coastal protection or sand dune conservation zones and the Danish territorial waters.
  • is the national authority to govern e.g. power cable installation, dam construction, or other types of interventions in Danish territorial waters
  • analyses coasts throughout Denmark and secures the technical knowledge concerning coastal dynamics and coastal protection
  • projects and carries out coastal protection along the west coast of Jutland from Lodbjerg in the north to Nymindegab in the south, and carries out coastal protection at Lønstrup, Skagen, and Blåvand
  • surveys the water depth in a number of Danish navigation channels and ports, and the coastal development on the west coast of Jutland
  • secures sufficient water depth by dredging sediment in several navigation channels and ports in Denmark
  • plays a central role in relation to storm surge warning along the west coast of Jutland, from Thyborøn to Nymindegab, and in southern Jutland, from south of Esbjerg to the German border
  • advises The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food and helps design deeds, announcements and additional legislation concerning the coasts and territorial waters