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Living Laboratory Krogen

The living laboratory Krogen are located along the Danish North Sea coast and have been chosen as living laboratory because it is located on the stretch of the coast where the Danish Coastal Authority are responsible for the coastal protection though a Common Agreement between the stat and the local municipality.
The illustration is portraying some of the important elements in the system at Krogen. Both shore face nourishment and beach nourishment have taken place. The area is characterised by being protected from flooding by a narrow dune line over a long stretch. The pilot site has at least one sandbar, which will be further examined in the project. Along the beach and within the dunes are both hidden and revealed bunkers. The dunes are secured with ammophila and gabion. Within and between the dunes vacation homes are built. The hinterland between the dunes and the road is mainly agriculture land reserved for grassing. The road is near the dunes with a distance of less than 50 meters.
A closer overview shows that the hinterland is characterised by low land close to sealevel. The risk in the area is both erosion and flooding.
The figure above shows elements at Krogen there are worth to know.
The table shows coastal protection since 1980.
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